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Sat Jul 5 14:51:28 EDT 2008

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NijatXJ07 is still having a problem:
Well that is a problem too. Currently I can only connect to the guest
account of my school. I have tried several times to connect to the
school wireless account. I put in the password and everything under WEP
128bit Passcode but it still doesnt work. I keep having to put the
password in which leads to me never actually connecting to it. But under
the guest account, I can log onto AIM Express without any trouble.

All my account information is correct as far as my account name and
password. Could the problem be with the server that its under. Currently
it says: login.messaging.aol.com and it is under port 519. The proxy
type is GNOME Proxy settings.

Any other suggestions? Do you have any solutions to my internet dilema?


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