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Phil Hannent phil at
Fri Jul 4 06:04:41 EDT 2008


Agnes Andersson Svärd wrote:
> Hi, I need help with connecting pidging to MSN.
Adding your existing account is described here:

If there is something specific you are having trouble with could you 
describe the screen or message that you are having problems with. 

Also knowing the operating system and version of Pidgin would be most 

> I don’t know what to do with the networksettigs. (IP-adress) And what 
> is ’STUN-server’?
The network settings generally do not need changing from their defaults. 

A STUN server will help Pidgin determine your public IP address.  If you 
put: in the box then it will help with things like file 

The ports should only be changed if you have a network administrator 
that has defined some rules regarding ports, they would be able to help 
you with that if it was required.  Very rarely would this be needed.

If you are using a proxy, pidgin will read your current operating 
systems settings.  I would only change these if you knew you had to use 
a proxy.

Phil Hannent

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