Pidgin MSI

Mark Doliner mark at
Thu Jul 3 18:06:57 EDT 2008

2008/7/3 John Bailey <rekkanoryo at>:
> Hirakim Hirakim wrote:
>> Would it be possible to get a Pidgin Version as an MSI file to deploy it
>> in an Corporate Environment ?
>> Thank You in Advance
> We've answered this on numerous occasions before.  We see no need for an MSI
> package.  The NSIS installer already provides quiet deployment functionality,
> and there are a number of tools in the wild to start installations remotely.
> The pstools suite has a tool designed to do just this; I have also seen
> vbscripts with the same functionality.  There are also whole hosts of commercial
> products available for purchase whose sole purpose is Windows patch and software
> deployments, such as Shavlik HfNetChkPro.
> If these options don't appeal to you, we also provide a zip archive of each
> pidgin release.  You can make an MSI package from the zip file, or just have a
> simple script that pushes out the updated pidgin files to each machine.

Also see


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