SIP and Windows LIve Communication Server

amadys at amadys at
Wed Jul 2 16:17:46 EDT 2008

Hi , does anyone use pidgin to connect to a Windows Live Communication
Server (WLCS) joined to a Windows Domain using SIMPLE (SIP) protocol.


I need to authenticate my domain user in the WLCS , but when I use the
format domain\username on the username field of Pidgin, the server
answer with Malformed From or To , it seem to me that the backslash is
introducing some kind of weird character in the authentication string. I
use the format username (without the domain and the backslash) the
server can't authenticate my user. 

I have been sniffing on the connection to see all this.


Can anyone help me with this ?

Does anyone has experienced this behavior and what is most  important,
does anyone has solved this before ?


Thanks in Advance


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