Pidgin can't connect to ICQ

Helen McCall hmccall at
Tue Jul 1 18:15:09 EDT 2008

I'm having this problem too.  Friend rang with problem connecting, tried 
to talk him through a solution.  My system was working fine.  So I 
clicked on Accounts; Manage; and cleared the Enable tick and then went 
back in and put the tick back.  And suddenly I got the error message as 
well and I couldn't get back on line.  Still can't.  Using icq on xp.  
Can't see where a solution has been suggested the last few hours.

Evan Platt wrote:

>I'm able to get to on and off - but 2.4.2 still shows as 
>the latest version.
>I'm also seeing the same error connecting to ICQ, but I doubt that has 
>anything to do with the MSN issue.
>Arne Pelka wrote:
>>When I try to connect to the ICQ servers the connection gets rejected
>>with the message that my version of pidgin is to old and that I have to
>>download new version on
>>I use the latest Pidgin 2.4.2 and the website is down?!? Is there
>>actually a new version and why can't I connect to ICQ? Has this
>>something to do with the recent Pidgin MSN File Transfer Filename
>>Processing Vulnerability (

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