Status Icon Question

David Hampton pidgin at
Mon Feb 25 15:19:45 EST 2008

On Mon, 2008-02-25 at 20:01 +0000, Brian Morrison wrote:
> I don't think that AIM allows you to be logged in from two places at
> once, if I try it a dialog pops up asking me which connection to use
> and then logs off the unused connection.

That's what I thought, but my friend was definitely sending from his
computer and receiving on his phone.

I had (I think) something similar happen with another friend.  She was
sending from her computer, and all my responses to her vanished into the
ether.  Her status icon also showed a phone on it, but she has no
cellphone service at home.  My guess is that all my responses were being
directed to her cellphone but never arriving because of the lack of

I'm not sure how to characterize the problem any better.  I didn't grab
any sniffer traces of the data streams when the problem happened.


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