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FWIW - I've seen that same type of error because of my AV application
(long since removed) but it was not related to a Windoze update.....  It
wasn't with Pidgin, but it was the same error.  
What is unique about these few machines?  Is it _just_ the Windoze
update?  With that many users I would like to assume you have a
"corporate image".....  
Have you tried backing out the offending update (or hit a restore point
more likely) to see if it resolves the issue on one of these machines?


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	We use Pidgin System wide at my company (100+ users) as jabber
IM client. On several of our machines we have noticed that Pidgin or
Gaim will no longer load. This is happening after the users have
restarted their machines because of a windows update.


	The following error message is displayed:



	"The Application failed to initialize properly (0x000007b).
Click on OK to terminate the application."


	We have tried removing all hidden files, all reg keys for
purple, pidgin, and gaim and uninstalling.

	When I reinstall it, it will load one time, but only if I select
the check box to run pidgin at the completion of installation. Once you
close pidgin or gaim, it will not reopen.


	Do you have any suggestions on what I could do to get pidgin
working on these machines? Its fairly critical we get a fix.


	Thank you,


	Jim Brandolini

	Helpdesk Technician

	203.776.7776 x178

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