Stop dividing history into conversations?

Evan Platt evan at
Mon Feb 11 18:13:26 EST 2008

This was discussed recently. IIRC, there isn't a way to do what 
you're looking to do. Best suggestion is keep the IM window open.

At 03:11 PM 2/11/2008, nullspace wrote:

>Is it possible to stop Pidgin from dividing the history into conversations?
>I always close IM windows after I send my message, which ends the
>That not only makes the logs very hard to read within Pidgin, it also means
>that when I get a reply, the window only shows the last message.  Ideally it
>would show the last XX bytes of the history (similar to Trillian).  Can I
>make it keep timestamps without dividing up the logs?
>I searched the forums, but I was unable to find any way to do this.
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