Question regarding icons

Mark Doliner mark at
Sat Feb 9 04:37:39 EST 2008

On Fri, 08 Feb 2008 08:42:28 -0800, Evan Platt wrote
> At 06:49 AM 2/8/2008, Florian Gimbert wrote:
> >Hi everybody,
> >
> >I'm a new user of pidgin and i find it really amazing !
> >I got simply a problem regarding the meaning of an icon that appears 
> >near one of my contact:
> >
> >contact.png (also available as attached file)
> >
> >
> >What does this cell phone (or this calculator) mean ?
> I believe it means that person is logged in on a mobile device. How 
> that's determined, I can't answer. But my friends who have IM 
> clients on their cell phones, that's what they show.

Yes, that icon means the person is logged in on a mobile device.  However it
looks like it's showing up next to a user who is offline, which probably
shouldn't happen.  What protocol are you seeing this with?  And what version
of Pidgin are you using?


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