monotype corsiva typeface on Windows Vista

Ines Pavon ixp6605 at
Thu Feb 28 23:26:42 EST 2008

I have a question about some strange behavior I'm seeing (tested on two 
different boxes running Pidgin 2.3.1 on Vista and on Windows XP).

I'm trying to set my outgoing formatting font to "Monotype corsiva" (a 
cursive truetype font), but doing so changes the font to something 
definitely *not* monotype corsiva (i.e. some sans-serif font).  However, 
if I set the font of the UI (changing "Font" instead of "Default 
Formatting") to Monotype corsiva, it successfully changes the font (as 
it appears to me, but not outgoing) to monotype corsiva (which, of 
course, has no effect on the outgoing message).  Note that I can receive 
messages (from someone running AIM) that are in Monotype corsiva.

 From some limited testing of picking random fonts, Monotype corsiva 
appears to be the only one that doesn't work; however, I didn't go 
through every font, so that isn't in any way conclusive.

Has anyone seen this behavior, or can anyone offer a guess as to the 
cause of the behavior I'm seeing here?


-Ines Pavon
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