Bonjour in Ubuntu and Windows

Gustavo Adolfo Gomez ggomez at
Wed Feb 20 17:40:45 EST 2008

Thanks! That was what i had missed checking! Ubuntu 7.10 repositories
don't have the latest Pidgin version yet! 

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2008/2/20 Gustavo Adolfo Gomez <ggomez at>:
        Hi! I hope anyone can help me on this one!
        I'm using Pidgin (2.2.1) in Ubuntu 7.10 and no problems so far,
        except that my co-workers are also using Pidgin (2.2.1) in
        Windows XP and we talk via Bonjour, but i can't send or receive
        files or see their buddy icons. 
        Is this some kind of incompability between different OS? Or do i
        need something else besides the default options?

Pidgin didn't support Bonjour file transfers until 2.3.0.  Buddy icon
support was added in 2.1.1, but there have been some bugs fixed since,
so you should try with 2.3.1.


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