MSN/Hotmail oddity - "new mail" count not accurate

Vanco, Don don.vanco at
Mon Feb 18 12:00:14 EST 2008

I have my MSN account set to notify me of new emails.  I don't get a
lot, so I don't manually check that often.

Pidgin seems to be confused on the "new mail" count.  Here's what
happens -
I see a message for 1 new email
I go and read that email (via my direct account - NOT via Pidgin)
I next see a message for 2 new emails
I go to account and there is but one new message (which I read)
I then get a message for 3 new emails....

So - it seems like there's something in the mail check that is not
really seeing what is in the account(?).  Or is this because Pidgin is
creating the HTML files in my tmp directory for each of my unread
emails?  Sorry if this is expected behavior - I guess I'm just not clear
on how the mail check function works.....


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