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Kevin Stange kstange at pidgin.im
Mon Feb 11 00:14:02 EST 2008

Jason Cipriani wrote:
> Hello... I just finally switched from gaim to pidgin. When I emerged
> (I'm using Gentoo) pidgin, part of the enotice reads:
> " * If you experience problems with pidgin, file them as bugs with
>  * Gentoo's bugzilla, http://bugs.gentoo.org.  DO NOT report them
>  * as bugs with pidgin's bug tracker, and by all means DO NOT
>  * seek help in #pidgin."
> I'm sorry... but I can't tell if this is what they meant, or if it's
> 100% sarcastic. Should I report bugs to Gentoo's bug tracker, or
> should I do it on Pidgin's? I haven't run into any bugs yet (actually
> the transition from gaim was flawless and the software is working
> really well :), but if I do I want to report them to the right place.

Pidgin developers generally expect the Gentoo system environment to 
produce very broken systems and software, as this is common and easy to 
do, so if you run into issues with Pidgin, you should tell the 
maintainer of the Pidgin ebuild (via Gentoo's bugzilla) and they will 
see if it is because of something they did wrong, you did wrong with 
your system, or if it's really an upstream (Pidgin) issue, and they will 
report or fix it accordingly.

> Also... is there something wrong with #pidgin...? Is it not associated
> with Pidgin? Or is it actually a good place to go for help?

It is an official channel, but we do not generally support Gentoo 
builds due to a history of problems due to wacky Gentoo ebuild decisions 
and user insanity with respect to compiler "optimizations."


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