Bug Reporting

Jason Cipriani jason.cipriani at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 23:50:07 EST 2008

Hello... I just finally switched from gaim to pidgin. When I emerged
(I'm using Gentoo) pidgin, part of the enotice reads:

" * If you experience problems with pidgin, file them as bugs with
 * Gentoo's bugzilla, http://bugs.gentoo.org.  DO NOT report them
 * as bugs with pidgin's bug tracker, and by all means DO NOT
 * seek help in #pidgin."

I'm sorry... but I can't tell if this is what they meant, or if it's
100% sarcastic. Should I report bugs to Gentoo's bug tracker, or
should I do it on Pidgin's? I haven't run into any bugs yet (actually
the transition from gaim was flawless and the software is working
really well :), but if I do I want to report them to the right place.

Also... is there something wrong with #pidgin...? Is it not associated
with Pidgin? Or is it actually a good place to go for help?

If the message is sarcastic, I don't mind, I think it's pretty funny.
But -- and maybe I'm just too suspicious -- but funny or not, it is
confusing. I had thought about asking in #pidgin, but then I
remembered how confused I was the first time I saw "this statement is
a lie", and decided against it...


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