System Requirements?

Ethan Blanton elb at
Thu Feb 7 20:43:11 EST 2008

clyde drexler spake unto us the following wisdom:
> What are the minimum system requirements for Pidgin?
> Can I install and run it with Mac OS 10.3.9?

You can, but it will require Apple's X11 server (or an alternative)
and a pile of dependencies that you probably don't have.

> Also, what is the difference between Pidgin and Adium?

Pidgin and Adium are both IM clients which use libpurple, a library
which takes care of the actual communication with IM services.  Pidgin
is written to use the Gtk+ toolkit, a windowing toolkit born and bred
on X11 systems.  Adium was written to use the Cocoa interface toolkit,
which is native to Mac OS X.  You probably want Adium.  :-)


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