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Wed Dec 31 08:05:20 EST 2008

Michael Zech spake unto us the following wisdom:
> Ok, the message is clear: multiple arch doesn't work.. no problem for  
> my mac is intel based. so i tried to export CFLAGS="-arch i368", i  
> tried to add --with-arch-ppc=no to the configure options, i googled a  
> lot, i tried to find out where ./configure detects the architecture.  
> Well.. it didn't work.

config.guess detects the architecture, in general.

> So my question is simple: how can i tell the configure script which  
> architecture to build and which one i don't want to have?

We don't mess with this at all, so it's going to be handled by
autotools.  I'm not sure whether your problem is coming from autoconf
(configure/config.guess) or from libtool; either way, you might try
setting --target to whatever config.guess from the toplevel directory
returns for your x86 mac; probably something like i686-osx-unknown or
i686-unknown-mach/bsd (I don't have an x86 mac in front of me to
check).  If config.guess is returning something about multi-arch,
that's probably your culprit.


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