Help Needed !!

Vinoth T tcvinoth at
Wed Dec 31 04:31:58 EST 2008

Hi There,

I'm using pidgin latest version (2.5.3) and Windows XP is my OS. I'm using
around 12 Plug –Ins.

Also I've configured three Protocols (Gtalk, Same Time and Yahoo). The
status messages for all these protocols are same.

But whenever putting my status as 'Away' (There is saved status message
within it) I can't able to keep my window open.

It's automatically getting minimized after few seconds I opened it. The same
problem I'm facing in buddy chat window also.

Can't able to maintain open chat window (Automatically getting minimized).
So, can you please help o this. Any help could be great to me. Thank you!!

Best Regards,
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