Pidgin doesn't load list anymore

koen.van.hove at koen.van.hove at
Tue Dec 30 12:35:11 EST 2008


I have been using Pidgin for some years now (GIMP before) and yesterday it has stopped working.

I run 2 protocols: MSN and AIM. And about a week ago AIM wouldn't connect anymore. On startup it just tries to connect and fails every time. MSN worked fine. 

So I thought I'd uninstall Pidgin, download the latest version from your website, and reinstall.

After I did this and ran Pidgin AIM still wouldn't connect. But MSN did.
The only problem is it won't load my buddy list anymore. On startup it gives me about 180 (the # of my contacts) of those 'Buddy is not on the server list' screens. I clicked them all yes (to add them) and if it didn't crash halfway through it would do nothing. Ie I'm online on MSN but my buddy list is blank. No groups or anything. I tried it again with clicking no on every pop up and it's the same thing only it doesn't give those popups anymore.

Is there anything I can do ?

Sorry for explaining my problem so badly but English is not my native language and I try my best.

Thank you.


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