Request for Assistance w/ Pidgin 2.5.2 for Windows - Yahoo IM / SMS

Henry Pietrewicz hpietrewicz at
Sun Dec 28 22:03:25 EST 2008

I am new to Pidgin, having been a Trillian user for many years, and have 
found Pidgin to serve all/most of my Instant Messaging needs well.

I am curious about one thing. I have multiple IM accounts (MSN, Yahoo, 
Google, AOL, etc...) and I routinely use my AOL and Yahoo IM accounts to 
send out SMS text messages to mobile phone users.

AOL allows this easily simply by entering the recipients mobile 
telephone number for the account name (example = +19735551111). For the 
most part, this works quite well for me.

I have used the Yahoo IM client to send SMS messages as well, but I do 
not know if there is a way to accomplish the same via my yahoo account 
using Pidgin. I have tried the AOL type format above (+19735551111), 
without any luck, but am curious if anyone else has come across this issue.

I suspect this is less of a pidgin issue, and more of a Yahoo! IM issue, 
but would welcome any feedback!

Much thanks,


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