SpellCheck in 2.5.3 [revisited]

John Moore 3rd jmoore3rd at Gmail.com
Sat Dec 27 15:37:32 EST 2008

Daniel Atallah wrote:

> I suggest uninstalling aspell and your dictionaries via "Add/Remove
> Programs" in the control panel, then reinstalling both aspell and a
> dictionary manually as the FAQ specifies:
> http://developer.pidgin.im/wiki/Installing%20Pidgin#IsthereawaytoinstallSpell-checkingsupportAspellmanually

Thanks so much!  This has corrected the problem.  :-D  I can only
speculate that either the 2.5.3 Download I installed was in the 'wrong'
language or that a Registry 'Cleaning' Application 'messed with'
something.  :-\

Much appreciate Your Help.!

JOHN 8-)
Timestamp: Saturday 27 Dec 2008, 15:37  --500 (Eastern Standard Time)

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