SpellCheck in 2.5.3 [revisited]

John Moore 3rd jmoore3rd at Gmail.com
Sat Dec 27 12:18:03 EST 2008

Following Etan's suggestion I have re-installed 2.5.3 making sure to
confirm that Spell Check is enabled.  While English was pre-selected &
grayed out' it was selected with a check mark in both places. [one in
Spell Check & another next to English].  Post re-install I still do not
have the functionality of Spell Check in the IM Compose screen.  :(

I have not yet reverted to 2.5.2 to see if it returns with a Downgrade
to the prior version.  Running Pidgin on XP SP3.  Since no Plug-Ins were
added or disabled between version 2.5.2 & 2.5.3 I am curious at to
whether any changes in code between the 2 versions may have introduced a

JOHN :-\
Timestamp: Saturday 27 Dec 2008, 12:17  --500 (Eastern Standard Time)

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