Bug in Pidgin V2.5.3?

John Moore 3rd jmoore3rd at Gmail.com
Thu Dec 25 19:00:06 EST 2008

Vijaya Raghavan K wrote:

> In the recent version(V2.5.3), when i tried to quit(Buddies-quit) the
> application, its not working properly. so every time i'm closing the
> pidgin like killing the pidgin in task manager.

Ah Ha.  Perhaps I am not experiencing this issue because I never call
'Quit' from the 'Buddies' menu but rather by Right Clicking the
Resource/Sys Tray icon and choosing 'Quit' from there.  Shutting down
this way has never generated a 'freeze' for Me.  Also, since moving to
2.5.3 I have not experienced the dreaded "Pidgin has encountered an
Error and must Shut Down" screen.  This random annoyance occurred
several times a day with all earlier versions.  :(

Experimenting just now I am able to recreate the 'freeze' issue when
selecting 'Quit' from the Buddies menu.

Timestamp: Thursday 25 Dec 2008, 18:59  --500 (Eastern Standard Time)

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