pidgin-2.5.3 Crash on exit

John Moore 3rd jmoore3rd at
Thu Dec 25 16:15:53 EST 2008

David Balazic wrote:
> It does not crash, it just locks up.
> Same happened to me. Basically the same story as with Odhiambo.
> When I clik EXIT, it stops responding.

Another Example of peculiarities between installations.  I am also
running 2.5.3 on XP SP3 and find this version to be more stable than
2.5.1 or 2.5.2.

Another thing; in My installation I find 'Quit' in 2 locations but not
'Exit'.  :-\

JOHN 8-)
Timestamp: Thursday 25 Dec 2008, 16:15  --500 (Eastern Standard Time)

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