pidgin updating and hanging

turgut kalfaoglu turgut at
Mon Dec 22 04:48:29 EST 2008

First the real question:

"Pidgin hangs from time to time and I have to kill it from Gnome.  It 
seems that it's sound related.
When pidgin has to make a sound, like a new message coming, whatever, if 
mplayer is playing something, pidgin reliably hangs."

Ok, then background:

This is an Asus M51VA laptop running Fedora 10.
Pidgin is obtained this way (my first time with monotone, hope I'm doing 
this right):

 cd /home/turgut/pidgin2
 mtn -d $DATABASE pull --set-default "im.pidgin.*"

Many thanks,  -turgut

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