Meaning of Pidgin Icons

Ben Bridts ben at
Thu Dec 4 14:21:36 EST 2008

The attachted one means that you blocked that buddy.


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Craig Harding schreef:

>I thought someone asked this same question a few months ago during
>2008. I couldn't find the email in the mailing list, but I didn't
>really search that deep either.. Maybe an entry in the FAQ could be
>started..... by any pidgin user.
>On 11/5/08, Hassan Voyeau <hassan.voyeau at> wrote:
>> Sometimes pidgin dispalys icons to the left of the contact picture on the
>> right side. For example a music note when someone is playing music. I saw
>> one that looks like a golden door (see attached image) and was wondering
>> what it meant. Is there somewhere that explains these icons or should
>> be a tooltip with these icons to explain their meaning.
>>  Also, I noticed the icon appears next to newly added contacts initially.
>> thanks | Hassan

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