Printing capabilities in Pidgin

Ben Bridts ben at
Tue Dec 2 17:04:08 EST 2008

Op 20/10/2008 23:41, Kristopher Woitena schreef:
> Greetings. Often times, I find the need to print a "hard-copy" of chat 
> logs in Pidgin, however it is frustrating to find a plugin that 
> supports printing. Does such a plugin exist and where can I find it? 
> If not, where can I find a good resource to code my own plugin that 
> enables printing? Thanks in advance!
Depending on your preferences logs are saved in plain text or html. You 
can use your favorite editor/browser to print them. You'll find them in 
~/.purple/logs (%APPDATA%\.purple\logs on windows)

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