Too many authorization requests

chris jugg at
Mon Dec 29 12:31:23 EST 2008

John Moore 3rd wrote:
> Er Galvao Abbott wrote:
>> BTW, should I add a bug report for this in Pidgin's Bug Tracker?
> I can't see that this is a 'Bug' within Pidgin.  Pidgin is functioning
> just as it should.  This is a compatibility issue in how two entirely
> different IM Applications handle connectivity to various IM Services.

"My problem is not even that (I'm somewhat patient with these things), 
but the problem is Pidgin then crashes before I can authorize even one 

A crash - is a crash - is a bug.  That has nothing to do with different 
IM applications.  And if a crash equates to "Pidgin is function just as 
it should".  How scary. :)

Sounds like the bug report would be along the lines of:

If Pidgin receives too many authorization requests (eg. 230+ on MSN 
protocol) Pidgin crashes.

And maybe an additional feature request:

Open authorization requests synchronously, so that only one request is 
processed/shown at a time.



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