NULL pointer in msn_oim_report_to_user

Luigi Auriemma aluigi at
Mon Dec 29 12:46:10 EST 2008


there is a problem in the msn_oim_report_to_user function of msn\oim.c
at line 629:

        boundary = g_strdup_printf("--%s" MSG_OIM_LINE_DEM,
            msn_message_get_attr(message, "boundary"));

if there is the "X-OIMProxy: MOSMS" header without the "boundary" one the
client crashes due to a NULL pointer.

this happened when a user added my account to his list and I have not
verified if this problem can be intentionally "abused" or not, in any
case the MSN plugin of Piding is completely unusable because crashes at
each start due to this problem.

Thanx in advance!


Luigi Auriemma

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