Read Errors

Daniel Atallah datallah at
Mon Dec 29 10:28:26 EST 2008

2008/12/22 Christopher Vang <cvang at>:
> What I sent below is what's in the logs for pidgin as far as at the warning
> level. In this email now includes everything. What's weird is we have also
> tried using this other IM program called Miranda using the same settings as
> Pidgin and everything works okay but just like pidgin before we only have a
> few users, wondering if Miranda will crash or get read errors like pidgin
> once we bring everyone onboard. As for pinging, we can ping the server just
> fine.

Please include a full debug log (not filtered at the warning level)
from the time you connect until the time you're disconnected; this
debug log doesn't contain enough output to be useful.


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