Spell Check in 2.5.3

Evan Platt evan at espphotography.com
Fri Dec 26 12:54:01 EST 2008

Sounds like you didn't install dictionary support.

I don't know how to install it short of reinstalling, and making sure 
language / dictionary support is enabled.

John Moore 3rd wrote:
> I'm using Pidgin on M$ XP SP3.
> When I installed 2.5.3 over 2.5.2 I have noticed that Pidgin no longer
> underlines mis-spelled words nor offers spelling corrections.  :(
> Did I make a mistake during Install?  Is there a simple way to 'fix'
> this & restore Spell Check?  I _do_ have the option to do this checked
> under Pidgin Preferences.

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