Pidgin won't connect to MSN

liderbug chuck at
Wed Dec 24 12:33:39 EST 2008

I'm behind a firewall so they have it set up to proxy (I think) 
protocol: MSN
Username: fn.ln at
Password: ********
Port 1863

Four minutes later I get:
Unable to connect
(10:23:00) msn: Connection error: Connection timed out
(10:23:00) msn: Connection error from Notification server
( Unable to connect
(10:23:00) msn: destroy the OIM 0x9c73550
(10:23:00) msn: destroy httpconn (0x9d38f20)
ping works fine.
I've asked around and I get "I'm working just fine, I show you offline." 
I'm running Fedora and Pidgin 2.5.2-1.fc8.  Have I missed
loading a library?  Setting some flag?  I even Yum-erased and Yum-installed
- nada.  iptables?

Tks in advance

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