pidgin updating and hanging

Phil Hannent phil at
Mon Dec 22 05:17:05 EST 2008

turgut kalfaoglu wrote:
> First the real question:
> "Pidgin hangs from time to time and I have to kill it from Gnome.  It 
> seems that it's sound related.
> When pidgin has to make a sound, like a new message coming, whatever, if 
> mplayer is playing something, pidgin reliably hangs."
> Ok, then background:
> This is an Asus M51VA laptop running Fedora 10.
> Pidgin is obtained this way (my first time with monotone, hope I'm doing 
> this right):
>  DATABASE=/home/turgut/monotone_databases/
>  WORKINGDIR=/home/turgut/pidgin2
>  cd /home/turgut/pidgin2
>  mtn -d $DATABASE pull --set-default "im.pidgin.*"
The download from monotone can and will take an age for the first time. 
However the developers recommend you do not use monotone.  Perhaps you
should start off with using the source:

The sound issue might be related to PulseAudio there have been a number
of problems with it.

Phil Hannent

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