I write for Computerworld.com -- writing an article about all-in-one instant messengers...

Howard Wen howardhwen at gmail.com
Wed Dec 10 18:04:02 EST 2008

Hello. The subject line says it all. Computerworld.com wants to
feature your messenger in this article.

I have just a few questions that I'd like to ask a representative of
Pidgin. They would specifically pertain to what features your
messenger has (or will have in the near future) that are very
applicable to the business/enterprise user, as well as any advice you
might have for businesses considering implementing Pidgin in their

The questions would be emailed and the responses could be as email,
too. Would someone with the Pidgin development team be available to
answer such questions? It would immensely help in my writing of this

You can see examples of my published writing at my site listed below. Thanks.



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