2 PCs, one pidgin account

Paul Hargreaves paul.hargreaves at technowizardry.co.uk
Wed Dec 10 06:20:32 EST 2008

My work PC is running Windows. I used to have Pidgin installed on it but
since I want to collect messages when not logged in it made sense to switch
to an always on server. My remote server runs Linux and has Pidgin installed
so is always collecting my messages.

The problem I have is around message notification. I keep forgetting to
check my Linux window to see if it's got any popups. Ideally I'd like
something to happen on my WIndows PC so I know that I've got an IM to look
at, or a way of forwarding messages from my Linux client to a PC client
while the PC is up and running but retain them on Linux in case the PC isn't

Has someone worked around this before? Are there forwarding pluging or
decent simple message notification popup tools around?


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