outage today / pidgin (Evan Platt)

Evan Platt evan at espphotography.com
Sat Dec 6 19:23:52 EST 2008

Geoffrey Lane wrote:
> well I thought official yahoo messenger client was sufficient
> description for yim.... 
Please use the quote feature to quote a portion of text you're replying 
to. Nowhere in your message did you say Yahoo.
You said : "pidgin will not connect but the official client does".

> But I guess some take longer to clue in... 
You're right. It does. Now go back, reread your message, and point to me 
where you said anything about what protocol you were using.

> AS i said I know there was an outage, but sorta odd that yim connected
> perfectly while pidgin didn't.
No. Go back and read what you said.

> I didn't mean all pidgin was down, again though was sufficient
> description to say yim service is down. 
Again, nowhere did you say YIM was down.

> As for honda civic comment, while I think it's funny cause that is my car... (and first time
> saying something this crude) but was the dumbest comment I've ever
> received to, someone would call, a stupid question. AGAIN yim
> connected, pidgin didn't same as for Micheal. I'm not a damn
> programmer..... and was wondering if there was a diff in how they
> connected, which server, etc....
> P.S. Flame away for my ignorance/crude comment, I make no excuse for
> my comment, nor asking a stupid question.... But I chose not to get
> into further issues with anybody on this list
Perhaps next time,  before saying someone else needs a clue, make sure 
you get your facts straight.

I'd be happy  to quote your entire message for you if need be.

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