random, persistent disconnects on all protocols

Audrey Gerber audrey at audreygerber.com
Mon Apr 28 08:14:27 EDT 2008


I have been using Pidgin happily for several months with ICQ, AIM, Google
Talk, MSN (live.com), Skype and Yahoo accounts. I suddenly started getting
disconnected randomly and constantly from all accounts except for Skype with
no ability to reconnect. Sometimes it is on account, other times four
accounts. There appears to be no rhyme or reason. I uninstalled the entire
program, plus GTK and deleted the .purple directories. On a fresh
installation the same thing happens. The only relief was after on computer
restart - all accounts worked for about an hour before the disconnects
started This was before the fresh installation. I tested all accounts from
their native programs, or web interfaces. They all worked fine even while
Pidgin reported unable to connect. I also tried with Zone Alarm disabled -
this made no difference. I would hate to give this program up! I really
liked it! Google (XMPP) was a particularly nasty one-but worked fine on the
Google website interface. Then suddenly, it is up and running after a day.
I can attached my debug log. I also posted a ticket but got no response. Any


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