pidgin crashing on DeLi Linux

Laura nmi Michaels lauramic at
Sun Apr 20 09:34:50 EDT 2008

I love using the portable apps version of pidgin on Windows, so when I 
installed DeLi Linux (with uclibc instead of standard C libraries) on an old 
laptop, one of the programs I wanted to try to get working was pidgin.  I 
downloaded the source tarball.  It took a long time to compile, but seemed 
to compile and build without any real issues.  I tried running both finch 
and pidgin and both programs crashed with a segmentation default and never 
came up.  Has anyone been able to get pidgin working on DeLi Linux?  Are 
there any work-arounds to get it up and running?  Would be happy to help try 
to debug this thing if I can, but I don't even know where to start.  Would 
be great if pidgin or finch would work on the DeLi Linux distribution.  I 
really enjoy using this application on other systems.


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