./configure options not OK

linuxcbon linuxcbon at yahoo.fr
Tue Apr 15 20:30:27 EDT 2008

--- Etan Reisner <deryni at pidgin.im> a écrit :
> What flags exactly do you need to pass for it to work? Are they the
> --with-*-libs or --with-*-includes arguments? Those shouldn't be
> necessary
> if your installtion is in a standard location, if they aren't in a
> standard location then there isn't anything pidgin can do about it.
>     -Etan

SSL isnt out of the box.
# cd pidgin-2.4.1
# ./configure 
"SSL Library/Libraries......... : None. MSN, Novell Groupwise and Google
Talk will not work without GnuTLS or NSS. OpenSSL is NOT usable!"

Then I read http://developer.pidgin.im/wiki/FAQssl
"You need GNUTLS or Mozilla NSS and NSPR; OpenSSL will not do."
Why isn't GNTULS included by default in pidgin ? It's GPL2 too.

So I installed gnutls-2.3.5 which needs libgcrypt which needs libgpg-error
Pidgin FAQ says : "You shouldn't need the --with-gnutls-{includes,libs}
arguments to ./configure, as the libs get installed to good locations by
default. "
So I try for pidgin ./configure --enable-gnutls=yes
I finally got : SSL Library/Libraries......... : GnuTLS
# /usr/local/bin/pidgin &
SSL and MSN finally connect.

cheers, linuxcbon

ps : I add CC support at pidgin.im for people to find a howto.

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