Etan S. C. Reisner deryni at
Mon Apr 7 19:04:25 EDT 2008

On Thu, Apr 03, 2008 at 09:35:36AM -0400, Todd Rosenthal wrote:
> I have a question about an older jabber server that my company runs.  For
> some reason it's not compatible with the newest version pf pidgin.  It get's
> an SSL handshake failure.  It is compatible with the older version of Pidgin
> 2.3.1.
> Is there a way (aside from updating the server which is out of my control)
> to make the new version of pidgin work in this scenario?

Upgrading pidgin by itself should not be able to cause this problem,
unless the problem is a certificate problem (but I think that has a
different error message). An upgrade of the ssl library that pidgin uses
could cause this, but I would doubt that it would as well. Does trying to
use 'Force old SSL' and setting the port to 5223 help? If you are
currently doing that try turning that off and using port 5222.

If you could post the relevant section of the debug log (Help->Debug
Window) for when pidgin fails to connect to the account might also be


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