Own typing indication

David Balazic David.Balazic at hermes-softlab.com
Fri Apr 4 05:59:34 EDT 2008

Ka-Hing Cheung wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 23, 2008 at 02:34:58PM +0100, David Balazic wrote:
> >  Ka-Hing Cheung wrote:
> > 
> > > Do you have animated smiley icons in the conversation window?
> > 
> > If some one sends them, then yes, I guess.
> > If you mean if there were any in that case I described, the 
> answer is:
> > I am not sure. Probably they were.
> >  
> I believe there was/is a gtk/pidgin bug such that when there 
> are animated
> smileys in the window, some text are not displayed 
> immediately. If this happens
> again, can you check if there are smileys in the window? Also 
> try to refresh
> the window (say, minimize and then restore the window) and 
> see if it helps.


It happened again. I'm using 2.4.1 now.
There was one animated image in the conversation window.
I asked the other party (one message from me).
He answered with text + animated image.
I typed another text message.
Only after 10 seconds did my message appear in the conversation.
Right after that the answer form the other guy came, this time
just an animated icon. (I guess some people love animations... ;-)


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