Windows Live help!!

RBL RBLevin at
Tue Apr 29 15:21:49 EDT 2008

Has to be an AVG8 problem.

I have reported this bug to AVG at the hightest levels (I have a 
relationship with them).  I am hopeful they will fix it.  In the 
meantime, if you are using AVG8, disable IM protection, and WinLive/MSM 
will work.

Daniel Atallah wrote:
> On 4/29/08, *Lauren A. McAuley* <lauren.mcauley at 
> <mailto:lauren.mcauley at>> wrote:
>     When I installed Pidgin, it worked with my Windows Live account.
>     For the
>     past day or so, it stopped connecting.
>     I don't know what to do. I deleted the account and added it again.
>     There
>     is still a connection problem. Please help!
> What is the error message?
> What does the debug log ( say?
> Are you using AVG antivirus?
> -D

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