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Phil Hannent phil at
Mon Apr 21 04:17:27 EDT 2008

tahseen mahmood wrote:
> Hi,

>     My name is Tahseen and i have allready installed the pidgin Im software in my PC and I have configured it to work with jabber a.k.a that i can keep in touch with my office collegues....
>    What i have been trying to do now is to install pidgin in my mobile. but i dont know what to choose out of the 4,fedora,source,? Wich 1...?
>    Is there a diff. Procedure to install pidgin in the mobile phone...?......if pidgin is not compatabe with my Nokia E61 is there any other software that you can suggest me of so that i can use jabber on my mobile phone..?
Pidgin does not run on mobile phones, it is a desktop application.  I personally 
do not know of any application for the mobile phone in question, you would 
probably be better off asking that question in a forum for Nokia phones.

Phil Hannent

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