Authorize buddy.. over and over and over and over

Evan Platt evan at
Mon Apr 14 12:50:44 EDT 2008

I logged out of ICQ and stayed out for a good week or two. Signed back 
in, friend request was gone.

just this morning, got another (new) spam friend request. Denied it. 
Waited, signed out, signed back in, no repeat message.

I'll keep an eye on it though.

Jimmie Mayfield wrote:
>> It's the same user. I'm saying No each time. I don't believe it's the
>> user sending the request over and over, but rather a system hiccup.
>> I just tried again - logged out of ICQ, logged back in, and there's
>> the request again. I think something isn't making it to ICQ to tell
>> it I've denied the request, but it only happens when I connect to
>> ICQ. Hope that makes sense?
> For what it's worth, I see the exact same behavior using Pidgin's
> YahooIM plugin.

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