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Luke Schierer lschiere at
Tue Apr 8 10:48:33 EDT 2008

Reynier Santiago Aquino Ramírez wrote:

> Look I have more than one account in my pidgin and I have the same 
> contacts in more than one account… so is it possible to combine this 
> contacts of different accounts in just one like Digsby do?... this will 
> be very useful for user like me that have a loooooong contact list

We have supported this for years.  Right click on one buddy and hit 
"expand."  Then drag others into it.  You are creating an ordered list 
where the higher a buddy is in the list, the greater the preference 
pidgin will place on that buddy when selecting the most available one. 
That is, if two buddies in a single contact are equally available, 
pidgin will chose the higher one.


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