input text area not resizable?

Sascha Vogt FunkyFish at
Thu Apr 3 06:02:58 EDT 2008


Hemal Pandya schrieb:
> In 2.4.0 pidgin automatically resizes the input text area in
> conversation windows.
> But it seems it is no longer possible to manually resize the input
> text area? I often use pidgin for exchanging code fragments, and a
> large text area is quite useful. Is there a way to get a large text
> area?
It is not configurable, though in 2.4.1 the max height has changed from 
4 to 8 lines, which should be enough for code fragments. Please also 
consider reading the Mailinglist archive for this and the devel list. 
There has been some big discussions about the issue. If you have 
anything new to contribute to these discussion, please do so.

@Pidgin-devs: While writing this mail, I tested the new max height 
(Wanted to check if it has a hardcoded line maximum or if a percentage 
value was used). Therefore I resized my window to a small height and 
typed multiple lines. Result:
- If there are only the last two lines are shown (minimal height of the 
message window), the window itself grows to the bottom (changing the 
windows outer bound).
- If you move the window to the bottom of your desktop, it "grows" out 
of the screen.

Is this the desired behaviour?
I'm on Windows XP, Pidgin 2.4.1, GTK 2.12.8 RevA


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