Pidgin-2.4.1 builds ok, but ignores accounts at startup and has debug errors

Bill Pier bpier at
Wed Apr 2 12:58:14 EDT 2008

Hi all,

I just built pidgin-2.4.1 on a Linux system; the build went fine, as 
usual, and
it starts up as usual too, but, there are no accounts from the accounts.xml
file recognized.  The file seems to be ok and unchanged, but when I try
to manage/edit an account, the protocols are all unknown.  Pidgin itself,
the gui, is all there.
I checked the debug messages at startup and lots of messages of this
plugins: /usr/local/lib/purple-2/ is not loadable: ABI version 
mismatch 2.4.x (need 2.3.x)
Uh, the build had no errors.

Has anyone else had any trouble after building this version of 

Bill Pier

P.S., yes I know that some of you will suggest that this email should be 
in the Dev list, but
I'm not a developer; I'm simply building the current release and trying 
to use that build.

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