New user - Can't transfer files.

igor vieira imaxbr at
Fri Oct 19 16:37:36 EDT 2007

Hi all,

I just finished to set up a XMPP server with ejabber and Pigdin as client.
At this moment the shared rooster works good and all user didnt report
problems with msgs or server.
But i was asked about the file transfer by pidgin.
It doesn't work. I tested wih alot of people and it do nothing.

There are two possible errors:

i) I try send a file to userA, he gets the popup asking to accept, so he
accept the file and it doesn't start the transfer. At my computer it shows
the same thing, "waiting to file transfer process start".

ii) Other thing what happens is when i try to send a file to userA and he
doesnt get the popup asking to accept and again my pc shows the transfer
window and same msg: "waiting to file transfer process to start"

And the weird thing is when the file transfer works.
I read about i can't have a NAT and at the intranet i dont have it.
Firewalls are disable and the problem remains.

My system is:
server: Suse 10.0 - ejabber - running as virtual machine.
clients: windows XP and 2k.

Thanks for atention, and sorry for my english.

Igor Max
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