Accounts blown away?

Mark Doliner mark at
Tue Oct 16 02:59:45 EDT 2007

On Mon, 15 Oct 2007 18:23:12 -0700, Mike Mohageg wrote
> Hi,
> I had to restart my machine since it got into a funky state (not 
> because of Pidgin), and now seems Pidgin can't find my accounts 
> anymore! It's as if I've just launched Pidgin for the first time. 
> Ever seen that happen and know how to correct the problem? Thanks, --
> Mike

Hmm, that's not supposed to happen.  Try looking for some backup accounts.xml
files in your .purple directory

If you find a backed-up accounts.xml file there, exit Pidgin, copy the file to
"accounts.xml", then start Pidgin again.


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