Default font, Plugins, and IM history.

The_Newb_Avenger elton_adricula at
Sat Oct 27 20:38:01 EDT 2007

Is there any way to have a certain font face and color for my default font? 

(Sorry for all bold...)
How in the heck do you disable/not use a Plugin!? 'Cause it seems like
whenever I use one, I can't uncheck the box. Also, sometimes, when I click
on some Plugins, and click on another, sometimes, the other Plugin gets

Is there a setting for Pidgin that when I close an IM tab/window I can still
keep the IM's I had before? (Basically, a setting so that when I close an IM
tab/window, it still keeps the conversation even though I pressed the close
button.) Or is it already in Pidgin - I noticed the History Plugin; is this
what it does?

Thank you, all, very much in advance. 
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