Problem with gmail status

Ethan Blanton elb at
Fri Oct 5 20:00:01 EDT 2007

Francisco M Neto spake unto us the following wisdom:
> > > [icon] fmneto at [icon]
> > > Account: fmneto.lists at
> > > Status (Talk.XXXXXXX): Away
> > > Status (HomeXXXXXX): Available
> > >
> > >       What is happening? How can I fix this?
> >
> > This is the expected behavior -- one of your connected clients is set
> > to away, and the other is set to available.  What do you perceive as
> > needing to be "fixed"?
>    That would be the behavior I would expect IF I had more than one
> client connected. But I have only one. Ideas?

Are you signed on to the gmail web site?  It has a Google Talk client
built into it on the left-hand side...  You can turn it off, I
believe, but I don't see it in a quick perusal of the gmail


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